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Infrastructure Tool of the Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem.
Over 3000 BEP-20 tokens created and deployed via MyWish

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Airdrop service

Smart BEP-20 token distribution to thousands of addresses.


General questions:

  • The fees for creating the Token contract is $...
    The cost of creating a contract is also indicated in the field before creating a contract.

  • Yes, Token contract (with future munting function) can be linked with Crowdsale contract.
    The token contract can be added to Airdrop contract.
  • Yes, If you created a token through your account, then when you create a Crowdsale contract, you can add the Token contract.

    • It allows you to create tokens with the right amount.
    • Reserve/Freeze tokens on specific addresses.
    • If you want to create a Crowdsale contract, then the created token can be added to it without creating a new one.
    • Pause/Unpause
    • TransferOwnership
    • Burning your own tokens
    • You can distribute the token by your own.
  • Service MyWish accepts payment in WISH tokens, ETH, BTC, BNB Go to the "Buy tokens" tab, choose your preferred payment method and follow the instructions.
  • Token owner - Binance Smart Chain address which manages the contract and has the full control to a token.
  • Yes, the token can be placed on any exchange that supports your token-based platform
  • This feature allows you to create additional tokens by increasing Token Supply. If you create a token without the function "Future minting" then you can not create more tokens.
  • The Finalize function on the token contract disables the ability of the contract to create an additional number of tokens and also reuse this token in the crowdsale contract.
  • First of all, contact us at [email protected]
    • Your MyWish account (email) in which the token contract was created
    • Address of your token
  • Please, check our tutorial.

  • MyWish platform has created contracts for more than 100 projects since 2017, we have open source code, we check the contract code for etherscan, we have been tested many times - this is an example of an audit.

    Learn more https://cryptomywish.medium.com/evidence-of-the-reliability-of-mywishs-contracts-182b4aaf90dd
  • Technically, there is no difference, they work the same way.
    In the test network is free.
    Therefore, in order to conduct a STO in order to raise funds for a project, it is necessary to create a contract in the main net.

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