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General questions:

  • The fees for creating the EOS Token contract is from $... to $... depending on the type of token (Personal EOS token or EOS token from MyWish). The cost of creating a contract is also indicated in a field before creating a contract.

  • If you are creating a Personal Token Contract, the token creator will be your EOS account.
    If you are creating a Token Contract the token creator will be MyWish account.
  • Please, check our tutorial.
    To start creating a Token contract, you must have a personal EOS account.
  • The EOSISH token is used as a fuel to create EOS contracts on our platform.
  • If you use EOS voter app:
    1. Click the Add custom token button
    2. Enter:
      - Contract Account Name
      - Contract Asset Symbol
    3. Then click the Add custom token button

    If you use SimpleEOS app:
    All tokens on the account balance are automatically added to the list.

  • 1) Click the Settings button
    2) Click the Networks button
    3) Click the "New" button
    4) Fill the fields
    1. Protocol: "https"
    2. Port: 443
    3. URL: ""
    4. Id: 038f4b0fc8ff18a4f0842a8f0564611f6e96e8535901dd45e43ac8691a1c4dca
    Click the “Save” button

  • Service MyWish accepts payment in EOSISH tokens, EOS, ETH, BTC.
    Go to the "Buy tokens" tab, choose your preferred payment method and follow the instructions.
  • Token owner - EOS account which manages the contract and has the full control to a token.
  • Token contract can be used with the Airdrop contract.
  • The Tokens will be released to the account that you specify when you click on the Mint button after the contract is deployed in the blockchain.

  • The approximate time of the deploy contract is 5-10 minutes.
  • Creating more tokens than specified in Maximum supply is not possible. This condition is necessary to reduce the risk of fraud.

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