/ Weekly report 07/04

Weekly report 07/04


Hello everyone!

Weekly report is ready.

Development status.

  • Airdrop functionality is ready and it looks very promising. Why do we believe in it?

    1. Almost every project needs airdrop service for token distribution
    2. There are no ready solutions on the market except of MyWish
    3. Our service helps to save up to 30% of gas cost
    4. User has full control of the tokens — no need to send it to a 3rd party service
    5. it’s very simple for everyone — bounty managers, community assistants, developers. Please welcome: Airdrop contract. Contract price: 2 ETH.
  • EOS integration is in progress. We have completed event scanner development: https://github.com/MyWishPlatform/event_scanner/tree/feature/eos-scanner

  • Investment Pool contract development is started. We got a lot of requests for it during the conferences.


During the last week we had talks with Huobi Pro and one top-10 exchange. Listing is requiring a lot of procedures and documents filling.

In addition, during the next couple of weeks we will integrate our token with BestRate.org . Everyone will be able to buy/sell WISH without exchanges & registration.

Today we publish the list of exchanges and the replies we have received:

Token Listing Rejection: Kraken, GDAX, Gemini, BTC Markets, Local Bitcoins, Poloniex

Proposal to join voting: BiBox, Bitcoin Indonesia, CEX.io

Requires some extra information/documents: gate.io, CoinExchange, OKcoin, LakeBTC, Quoine

Token review in progress: Binance, Kucoin, Bittrex, EXMO, EXX

Preliminary agreement for listing: HitBTC, BTC-Alpha, WEX


Last week we took part in 2 Conferences: Blockchain Summit in London on the 26–27th of June and Blockchain Expo in Amsterdam 26–27th of June.

We have achieved the following results:

  • representatives of different blockchains have expressed interest in integration with MyWish Platform. These are AURORA, CREDITS, NEM;
  • Associations like Hyper Ledger https://www.generalbytes.com/ would love to welcome MyWish as their member;
  • MyWish has attracted a lot of attention of ICO agencies: we received several suggestions for partnerships regarding the creation of smart contracts for their clients; they asked us about the opportunity for API;
  • The MyWish Team held 4 presentations;
  • more than 500 people/companies visited our stands and had a personal conversation with the MyWish Team; among them there were people with personal interest and with business purposes such as IBM, EY, Intel etc;
  • more than 10 companies have decided to create their ICO with MyWish contracts;
  • we have met the representatives of various exchanges such as Huobi and discussed the conditions of listing there.

Also, Vladimir was interviewed by representatives of various crypto media.

First of them is already published in Bitcoin Magazine NL: a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_EnTA7ZRG8

Moreover, we got several publications after conferences:

Weekly statistics

Users: 2888 (+ 4%)

Contracts: 1294 (+ 11%)

We would like to thank the Community for the continuous support.




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