/ MyWish and Meet.one Announce Partnership.

MyWish and Meet.one Announce Partnership.


As you may know, if you follow the MyWish social channels, we have recently begun focusing more efforts into the EOS blockchain, and we have recently partnered with Meet.one, one of the most prominent members of the EOS community, and highly respected in the Asian blockchain sphere. We’d like to use this article to explain the partnership from our side.

MyWish is making recent efforts to embrace EOS. With its extensive features and no fees, EOS is the blockchain future we want to see in the world.


In EOS, there is such a system that reading blocks within the network is done by 21 selected producers. They regulate reading and creating blocks in EOS, and so on. Out of hundreds of participants from all over the world, only 21 companies will be selected. EOS itself pays for their services, so this is a highly coveted position.

Meet.one is competing for one of these coveted spots as an ABP (Appointed Block Producers). Upon meeting, we discovered that we share a lot of the same visions for a blockchain-based future with Meet.one. We would love to see them succeed and begin to make beautiful things with the EOS blockchain. In the case of victory, Meet.one will have a hand in creating EOS blocks.

Meet.one is the way to EOS. You can host your wallet, crypto, and tokens there, with all of the advantages of EOS at your fingertips. Meet.one’s additional developments include a side chain that will serve as a learning platform for developers and investors. As part of our cooperation with Meet.one, MyWish has decided to partner with Meet.one and integrated their exceptional wallet into the MyWish platform.

We’re extremely proud to announce that inside the Meet.one wallet, you will be able to create smart contracts (Token, Lost Key, My Will) and on EOS using the Meet.one token as payment. Changes to the Smart Contracts will be possible with the help of MyWish. Each Smart Contract created with Meet.one results in a commission for collaborators. Meet.one also regularly holds airdrops, so keep your eyes peeled for them.

MyWish believes that EOS is the way forward for blockchain. With faster speeds than BTC and Ethereum and an active community, EOS is exactly the kind of blockchain we need to begin bringing crypto into our real lives. We are so enthusiastic about our partnership with Meet.one, and what that means for the future of EOS.

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