/ Weekly report 05/03

Weekly report 05/03


Hello everyone!

Here is our weekly report.


While the back-end team is working on NEO integration, we continue with the upcoming front-end improvements. Some of which are:

  • New email confirmation mechanic. After email confirmation, you are now directly forwarded to the contract creation page and can continue with editing the fields.
  • Confirmation that the deployed smart contract contains the right data and will distribute funds according with the whitepaper. Thanks to Etherscan verification, everyone can check the source code & deployed contract. We have updated the instructions for doing this.
  • Address checksumm control added (for Ethereum and RSK).
  • A lot of graphic improvements (colours, fields, forms).

The latest version is here: https://contracts.mywish.io


One of the biggest decentralized exchanges has listed WISH! Thanks to IDEX. We welcome everyone to start trading on: https://idex.market/eth/wish


  • Vladimir & Valery will speak at the Blockchain Week in Moscow on 21–25 of May. Besides, MyWish will have a stand in the exhibition area.
  • Our PR department shows excellent results in terms of publications in mass media about the partnership with RSK and the possibility to create smart contracts on Bitcoin without coding skills:
  • Coinspectator
  • News crypto news
  • Crypto 2 cents
  • Bitcoins hubspot for crypto news
  • etc.
  • We continue negotiations with different ICO agencies and have started to build relationships with representatives of different projects. We inform them about the possibilities of the MyWish Platform and we’re offering unique terms for their clients.
  • We thank one of our clients for their trust in us: Chubex Exchange (www.chubex.io). It has now launched the CBX tokens, making it the first open decentralised digital asset exchange platform in Asia. It offers a zero-knowledge protocol that ensures anonymity, privacy, and transparency of any transaction carried out in any cryptocurrency on the exchange. It’s based on the Ethereum smart contract blockchain technology.

Weekly statistics

Users: 2007(+ 3%)

Contracts: 465 (+ 23%)

We would like to thank the Community for the continuous support.





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