/ What if smart contracts existed in…your favourite movies

What if smart contracts existed in…your favourite movies


Smart contracts are becoming popular and its ground support is constantly growing. It is in media, people are talking about its development prospects. You can find articles about its application in human life areas and in which areas their use opens up new horizons. We tried to illustrate with examples of well-known movies how smart contracts and MyWish platform could simplify or improve the life of the characters.

The topic of divorce and division of property, unfortunately, goes far beyond the scope of cinema. In “The War of the Roses” movie, the story is brought to the tragic finale. According to the plot, once a happy couple can not share a house after long years of living together. Trying to give each other pain, the spouses smash all the interior features of the house and looking for ways to kill each other. Which eventually happens. All this could have been avoided if the characters had concluded a wedding contract, where they could write down the conditions for dividing the property up to every detail. Moreover, no external circumstances could influence the implementation of this treaty. Since there is no need for a lawyer at the smart contract design, there would not be a protagonist in this movie — a lawyer, on whose behalf the narrative goes.

The absence of a third party in the establishment of a smart contract would completely change the plot of the well-known series about lawyers “Suits”. Mainstreaming of smart contracts would reduce the profits of the company owned by the main characters. Maybe it would entail serious personnel reshuffle.

Smart contracts are an ideal tool for transferring inheritance. For example, in the “Rain Man” movie the father of the main characters could create a LastWill contract on our platform.

Under its circumstances, he could have prescribed that in order to obtain an inheritance, Charlie’s youngest son must take custody of Raymond, the elder brother suffering from autism. In this case, Charlie would not have to kidnap his brother for the sake of inheritance, and the story would have become much shorter.

The heroes of the sensational series “Lost” could insure their cryptocurrency during the flight with the help of the Lost key contract or LastWill contract. In this case, savings could get to their relatives but not in the open spaces of the system. If their flight were canceled, MyWish platform would pay them insurance.

If the rate and popularity of the cryptocurrency will grow with time, then smart contracts will be useful to the heroes of the movie “Back to the Future.” Provided that they come from the future in our time. The first thing Marty should do in 2017 is to create a smart contract Deferred payment and transfer funds to a wallet for himself. After returning in due time he is guaranteed to receive his funds by the increased rate.

The use of smart contracts only at the beginning of its journey. Perhaps in a short time the movies characters will use this tool to solve their problems.


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