/ MyWish Smart Contract Platform Makes EOS Accounts Widely Accessible.

MyWish Smart Contract Platform Makes EOS Accounts Widely Accessible.



In the beginning of June 2018 EOS released its own blockchain. This caused the EOS token to migrate from the Ethereum blockchain to the EOS decentralized software. This led to struggles in obtaining an EOS account.

Why is it so hard to create an EOS account

The process of creating an EOS account is a real quest in and of itself. Until recently, people had to deal with a middleman who was already registered in the EOS decentralized software. The process was structured so that anyone wishing to enter the EOS blockchain had to ask pre-existing owners to help them make an account. They usually charged a rather large sum for access.


What are the ways to get an EOS account: Smart, Affordable and Secure.

As the EOS blockchain is originally from the Ethereum ecosystem, it had to deal with the addresses for every single account. Now as an independent decentralized software it has alias — 12 characters as an official sign of your affiliation.

  • Trust a privately-run EOS account to create it for you, but retain your right to be the only owner.
  • Reach out to MyWish service to protect your data, save money and rest assured you’ll get good results.

How much does it cost?

0,05 ETH plus the 100% guarantee and security of every single step.

Save your time. Use MyWish.

A MyWish Smart Service for your EOS account will take only 5 minutes to complete. 5 minutes to enter the quick and easy deployment of decentralized applications. 5 minutes to one of the fastest blockchain designs (over a million transactions per second).

Try it now. The test version is free.

This is the link to a test version of our EOS account Smart Service: https://contracts.mywish.io/create/eosWallet?network=10

Always remember that we are eager to receive your feedback and comments.

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