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New NEO Testnet


So you’re ready to create a program on a popular blockchain. A word to the wise: check the work at all stages. There is no guarantee that the code will be error-free, so before the final release, you need a few tests. But the problem is blockchain deployment. It’s not free and costs a lot of money, which makes the development expensive.

Experienced developers usually test a program as far as it works before launching. 
Therefore, they come up with a test network: they create the same network, with the same functionality, with test coins that have no real value.

When the Testnet appears, developers can make their apps and improvements without paying anything for it. And when the application is ready and they are sure of it, they make a product version, where the money already carries value.

As part of this problem, we needed to develop a tool that allows people to receive test money because the network completely imitates the real one. For this purpose, you can check the real program.

You tell us that Neo has its standard Testnet. Yes, but they have a very complicated way of obtaining this test gas, and this is frustrating for users because of getting gas is a long-term and limited resource process akin to manual labor. So NEO asked us to tackle this issue!

Here http://neo.mywish.io/ we have implemented our own NEO Testnet, all developers are invited to use, pay attention to the convenience of receiving test gas.

The power of a test network should never be underestimated because it provides a valuable basis for future changes to the blockchain of a particular coin.

MyWish team wrote Instructions for using NEO MyWish Testnet.

You can find it here http://neo.mywish.io/# (check screenshot)

If you still have questions, we’d be happy to answer them in our social networks.

NEO’s trust is very important to us and we’re sure that it is important for all our users. Confidence in the MyWish team as a developer is extremely valuable because NEO is one of the big companies in the crypto world.

When such a giant trusts the developer, it means that we are pros, we write a great code and we can create qualitative smart contracts. We look together to the future and hope that we will continue our cooperation and help improve NEO ecosystem.

We expect that the NEO blockchain will only get more popular and used across-the-board. We appreciate the position of NEO team in the launch of our own Testnet.

Now developers can enjoy programming using Testnet and we believe that this will make it easier and easier for everyone to develop their own applications.

MyWish has already moved to the Testnet and you can try it right now!


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