/ Treat or treat? No tricks, the first ever meet-up with NEO developers in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Treat or treat? No tricks, the first ever meet-up with NEO developers in St. Petersburg, Russia.


Q&A, a hands-on workshop with developer Peter Lin, a how-to guide on building products on NEO with CEO of MyWish Vladimir Tikhomirov, and many more insights into the smart economy!


The NEO meetup was held in Saint Petersburg, Russia on 25 October 2018. The architecture of NEO ecosystem was presented by Johnson Zhao, the general Manager of Neo Global Development, and Peter Lin who is one of the early-stage NEO developers. The main agenda was to educate people on managing digital assets using smart contracts.

In may 2018 MyWish Smart Contract Platform happened to be the first that integrated the main principles of NEO to make NEO smart contracts real, understandable and affordable. Since NEO’s smart contracts are written in C#, Java and Python programming languages, it is not easy for people out there to get themselves a reliable smart contract. MyWish wanted to support NEO enthusiasts who aren’t capable of programming or just simply don’t have time for a complex coding.


Trust can be expressed in numbers


The meetup provided a safe environment for the smart economy-related discussions. There were 110 attendees who weren’t new to blockchain solutions. 80 is the number of people who attended a hands-on workshop with a guided coding session. The overall amount of registered participants is 171.

The audience was willingly engaged in vigorous debates. Not to mention, those performances were each followed by discussions and interesting questions. It is a valuable thing to know that people educate themselves on blockchain technology which is originally meant to bring tremendous changes in technological growth and understanding of crypto assets. In comparison with the previous year, it is clearly noticeable that blockchain is no longer a limited knowledge available for a small group of people.



7 is a lucky number


There were 7 smart contracts deployed on the NEO testnet during the meetup!

Сryptocurrency community will never be the same, take a look around to remember it as it is because soon enough things are going to change in a positive direction.

During the meetup there were official opinions presented on:

  • The Smart Economy.
  • How to receive help in promoting your products based on NEO.
  • NEO Ecosystem Found. All you wanted to know about investments.
  • Developing applications on NEO.
  • What is crypto without smart contracts?

NEO also set a plan to build a strong community in Russia.


Got a secret. Can you keep it?


During the meet-up it was mentioned that NEO with the help of MyWish Smart Contract Platform plans to throw a couple more events in Russia as everybody’s favourite Hackathon. It is an event in which participants involved in blockchain development collaborate intensively on creating new solutions for the industry. Developers, graphic designers, interface designers, project managers, and marketing specialists are welcome to participate. Usually, events like Hackathon could be treated as a necessary fuel to the industry due to their high efficiency. It is for a reason they say that four eyes see more than two. Stay with us, stay tuned!


Thank you!


This meeting was held in the spirit of true partnership, which all the participants decided to continue and strengthen in the future. MyWish Smart Contract Platform is eternally grateful to those who came and especially to our Chinese partner NEO. We promise to remain true to our mission to make blockchain world a secure place.


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