/ 3000$ for the best idea of a project based on EOS.

3000$ for the best idea of a project based on EOS.


Hello Friends!


MyWish is proud to present an exciting new contest for the Best EOS-based Startup.

Who has the Best ICO idea from our perspective? You’re motivated, you’re enthusiastic, and your idea shows real promise for the future of the EOS blockchain.

The winner will receive a 3000 USD coupon for creating smart contracts on MyWish platform. MyWish wants to see the best ICO reach its full potential.

Smart contracts have a lot of uses. But since startups need money to create their own smart contracts, not all projects have the necessary funding to achieve this. More than money, projects need knowledge and a supportive team. It can feel like an endless road to legitimacy. That’s where MyWish is ready to help, for the future of smart contracts and EOS.


A few terms of participation in the ICO Contest:
- The project should be based on the EOS blockchain
- Must be a real team (minimum 3 people)
- Links to the team profiles in LinkedIn and Github in English are required

Google form with All Terms and conditions will be on Monday.

Follow us to learn more.

Good luck guys!

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