/ Get the ideal partnership in the EOS ecosystem

Get the ideal partnership in the EOS ecosystem


MyWish makes a move to partners

Proper companies not only want to sell as much as possible but also to help their customers as best they can, thereby increasing their loyalty. Such assistance is also possible with the help of Partners. MyWish continues to expand the affiliate network among. We successfully implement the strategy of a mutually beneficial partnership. In our experience, we realized that the more we give (to our clients, partners, employees), the more we get.

The essence of the collaboration is simple: Partner’s client needs to have an account or token to continue using its service and just not to go looking forwhere and how to do this, we suggest installing a button just on Partner’s website (check screenshot). It provides Partner’s client with the added value and leads to raising its credibility.

In order our Partners can earn with us, we offer two tested options of integration: developing and providing our Partner with our own API or installing a button that redirects users to smart contract platform.

To date, we have reached an agreement and launched the integration process with major Partners such as Meet.One, EOSPark and EOSLynx, where you can use our services right now.


Advantages of working with MyWish

  • the most popular platform for creating smart contracts
  • reliable service since 2017 in the crypto market
  • proven by more than 5000+ users and 3200+ created smart contracts
  • 100+ projects created their tokens on the platform


Benefits from cooperation

We appreciate our Partners and want our cooperation to continue to be fruitful, which is why we have developed an encouraging system:

Of course, the terms can be discussed and subject to change during the negotiation process.

We offer mutually beneficial terms of cooperation, which will help to build strong long-term partnerships and will be an incentive for the dynamic growth of the overall business.

We invite crypto tools, exchanges, funds and other crypto-services based on the EOS blockchain to become our partners.

For specific proposals and advice on cooperation, you should contact Tatiana Khmeleva by e-mail: [email protected].

If you did not find your project in the list, but really want to develop with us, feel free to send your offers.

We create more opportunities for new joint achievements.

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