/ Weekly report 03/29

Weekly report 03/29


Hello everyone,

In this difficult time, we continue our work. Here is our weekly report.


New version (1.4.1) was released today: https://contracts.mywish.io/

While RSK integration is on-going we have released several enhancements today:

  • Several projects requested limitations for min/max investments. Now, everyone can define limits during the crowdsale creation.
  • Source codes section was re-built. Now it’s easy to get sources codes and upload it to Etherscan. Instructions were also added.
  • Internal Dashboard for # contracts / #errors/ #users for online monitoring of Platform status — Developed & Installed at the office.
  • Next release will contain TestNet integration (the first step for adding new blockchains to MyWish Platform).


  • KuCoin is still the main priority for us. However, we will change our priorities in the next week if not get final commitments.

We understand the importance of the listing on big exchanges and small exchanges are out of our interests.


  • We have launched a campaign with promo codes that allow each of you to earn. More details about it are here: https://medium.com/@VladimirTikhomirov/promo-campaign-b2353949d9c
  • As the result of the advertising campaign, the number of followers on Facebook has increased from 997 to 5.449. It can not be denied that for the new visitors an activity and an involvement on the page in social networks are important indicators. Their high level allows inspiring confidence in new people.
  • We have updated main site: Team, Roadmap and News section.
  • During marketing research, we have found that market size in Russia deserves more attention on our part ($310 MLN was raised by Russian projects in 2017). Thus, we provide the Russian users with the possibility to learn about MyWish in their own language. Our aim is to make MyWish the most convenient for each user. Chinese will be the next language to support.
  • We plan to place feedback from MyWish users on the landing page. What is more, their reviews will be with “active” links in order the visitors could get the honest opinion from different users of our platform.
  • On March 22, the international conference “Blockchain and Bitcoin” was held in Tallinn. This is one of a series of similar conferences in Europe, Israel, the CIS. There were many participants from Europe, as well as representatives of the United States and South-East Asia. The conference was attended by companies that are going to do token sale. MyWish expertise in creating smart contracts, the existence of different wizards, a special wizard for Crowdsale have aroused interest. European and American participants were separately interested in where MyWish takes developers and what is the experience of educating people. We got many interesting contacts that must grow into contracts.

Among new projects which used MyWish for Crowdsale, we would like to mention PharmaToken (https://pharmatoken.io/). Now everyone can pay for drugs by PharmaToken.

We would like to thank the Community for the continuous support.



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Thank you,



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