/ MyWish and BestRate: a reliable foundation for your EOS-based project

MyWish and BestRate: a reliable foundation for your EOS-based project


As we now support EOS-based projects, we’d like to shed some more light on the products that we offer and how they can help you automate your business processes.

So far, EOS has proved to be one of the most outstanding and prospective projects in the world of blockchain technologies, and there are many good reasons behind this. Apart from having raised $4 billion during the ICO, EOS provides its users with incredible throughput indices (the historic maximum equals to almost 4,000 transactions per second) and free transactions.

However, the development process is not so smooth and easy, even for EOS-oriented teams.

4 major tasks for an EOS-based project

If you want to launch an EOS-based project you will need to accomplish the following tasks:

  1. Set up an EOS-account and create your Token contract.
  2. Conduct the private sale. Accept payments from your investors and distribute your tokens amongst them.
  3. Conduct an airdrop campaign. This is a good marketing solution to attract the audience before the launch of your project. You can also try to carry out the public sale, but it’s a risky move as the market is at the flat stage right now.
  4. Distribute the tokens. After your project has been launched, you will also need a tool to sell your tokens and deliver them to your users.

Of course, if you have a strong development team you can create the solution for each of these tasks from scratch and this solution will exactly fit your requirements. But there are downsides of such an approach:

  • High costs. Mind the salary that you will have to pay to your development team.
  • Errors in the code. Since the solution will be developed from scratch and not tested in the live mode, most likely there will be many bugs and eventually, it will be very hard to make it work as desired.
  • No way to accept FIAT. You can develop the tool to automatically accept payments, but due to the cryptocurrency legalization problems, it’s near to impossible to find a payment provider who would agree to process fiat-to-crypto transactions.

MyWish and BestRate offer a solution

However, don’t let these difficulties discourage you. Now that MyWish has set up the partnership with BestRate, we can offer you a set of turnkey solutions for all these tasks.

Although we offer the tools “out-of-the-box”, we remain flexible and can adjust them to your needs. We support fiat-to-crypto transactions and the price for our products will be much lower than the salary of the developers’ team. And, most important, all our tools have been tested inside and out by several dozens of live projects and now work smoothly and steadily.

Here’s what we can offer.

1. Create an EOS-account.

Creating accounts seems quite simple if you have at least one account on the EOS blockchain. If you have not done this, it may be an issue because an account set up uses EOS network resources. Creation of a wallet due to specifics of the network is chargeable. When you create an EOS account, you automatically buy a certain amount of RAM.

There are two options for how to pay an EOS account:

  1. You can ask someone (an experienced friend or someone you trust) to create an account for you.
  2. Use a qualified service specializing in this.

You can read about it in detail here: https://mywish.io/create-account

Like any demanded service, there are several offers for EOS account creation on the market. We checked and analyzed the most famous of them for you.

Below there is comparison MyWish Platform and other services:

You can create EOS account here: https://eos.mywish.io/create/eosWallet?network=10

2. Create an EOS-based token.

To create your own token on a high-productive EOS blockchain, you also have many ways, for example, to comprehend the C ++ programming language and deploy your smart contract by yourself.

But the easiest way is to go to our platform and produce your coin right in the interface in 2 minutes.

You can try and check it here: https://eos.mywish.io/create/eosIToken?network=10

3. Conduct an airdrop campaign.

Cryptocurrency developers are increasingly using Airdrop as an encouragement for investors and community. This is usually done old school, that is, it is just a checking plenty of wallet addresses and distribution of tokens to each individual. This method has several disadvantages, one of which is a commission, which can grow in the process due to network load. This is a waste of time and manual labor to send cryptocurrency.

We have modified the token distribution algorithm allowing to solve the problem of a large list of user addresses. Thanks to Airdrop smart contract, you can send tokens to 100 addresses at the same time saving your money on commission expenses.

You can create Airdrop contract on EOS here: https://eos.mywish.io/create/eosIToken?network=10

4. ICO payment tool.

This product developed by our partner BestRate can facilitate your public sale and even help you with the public sale if you decide to conduct it.

  • Accept payments in EUR/USD and 80+ cryptos
  • Distribute your tokens automatically

You can customize the appearance of the tool to fit your project color scheme. Also, if you have a strong development team you can integrate the tool via API for a smooth and seamless process.

5. Token distribution

If your ICO is already finished and you need a solution to distribute your tokens among your users, you can also check the BestRate solution to sell your tokens for FIAT and 80+ cryptos. It can be implemented into your project website or application directly so your users could pay for your services the most comfortable way.


EOS community is extremely active and creative. New ambitious teams are ready to conquer the blockchain market with their big projects based on this fantastic technology.

We are here to help such teams to prosper and progress. Our companies are looking forward to new connections with you! Tell us what is your project going to change and let’s create new possibilities together!

Drop us a line via [email protected] and let’s make something worth spreading!

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