/ Weekly report 04/24

Weekly report 04/24


Hello everyone!

This week we are collecting feedback from the newly released Will contract (for BTC) and continuing with NEO integration.


We’re getting a lot of support requests every day, which is why we released an online support chat today. This is a great feature, and we hope that it will allow us to resolve questions in real-time.

Support chat

By EOW (end of week) we plan an additional release with many front-end improvements.

Back-end developers are currently fully focused on NEO integration.

The latest version is here: https://contracts.mywish.io


Big exchanges require large trading volumes before listing a token. Because of this, we will try to increase the daily trading volume in the next weeks. We’re having a lot of options for listing on small exchanges, but our current exchanges — Cryptopia & Coss — are still the best.


  • The PR department has sent our press release to 150 magazines and mass media. The press release explains our partnership with RSK and the possibility to create smart contracts on Bitcoin without coding skills. As a result of this, it has been published on three websites:
  • Bitcoin Vietnam News(the coverage is 775000)
  • Altcoin.Blue (the coverage is 235000)
  • EspacioBit(the coverage is 14000)
  • Cryptonews247

We are currently waiting for publication in more more places.

  • We consider our promo campaign to be successful: we have received 677 requests for promo codes. If you want to join our promo & bounty campaign, click here: https://goo.gl/H6ZUvu!
  • This weekend, our team participated in the Hackathon as experts and speakers. Vladimir told the young audience about smart contracts and Valery discussed the security of these. The young participants that chose MyWish as their curator came in second place. We are confident that these types of MyWish activities help build brand recognition.

  • We continue our work on social media platforms such as BitcoinTalk, Reddit, Steemit, Golos etc. On these platforms, we publish information about MyWish in different ways.
  • We have started negotiations with different ICO agencies. We offer them our platform for creating Crowdsale & Token contracts for their clients.

Weekly statistics

Users: 1946 (+ 3%)

Contracts: 377 (+ 16%)

We would like to thank the Community for the continuous support.



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Thank you,



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