/ Dear community!

Dear community!

  1. To participate in the Airdrop, you must hold at least 1000 ALGB and 1000 WISH on any network.
  2. All your ALGB and WISH tokens must be held in one wallet with an exception for WISH BEP2.
  3. The number of tokens on different networks sums up. You will receive ALGB proportionally to the total number of WISH tokens you have. For example, if you have 1000 BWISH and 1500 WWISH, 2500 tokens will be taken into account.
  4. If you also hold more than 1000 RBC, you can receive ALGB for them too! Read this article to find the details.
  1. Make sure that you have more than 1000 ALGB and WISH on one wallet address. If you are a holder of WISH BEP2, please, follow the instruction below.
  2. Fill in the Airdrop form.
  3. Wait for the ALGB to drop to the address you specified in the form.
  1. Go to your BNB address, where your balance is more than 1000 WISH.
  2. Initiate a 0.01 BNB transaction to the following BNB address bnb1nn7nl90ha8xaksakqe085lcezywpyce046xprq with Memo.
  3. In the Memo field, enter the address containing ALGB to receive your rewards. Send the transaction.
  4. Fill in the Airdrop form specifying the BNB address.
  1. The ALGB tokens will be distributed at a 1:2 rate, where for two WISH, WWISH, or BWISH tokens, you get one ALGB.
  2. The distribution will be divided into 4 stages due to the token lock.
  • The 1st stage — 125 ALGB
  • The 2nd stage — 125 ALGB
  • The 3rd stage — 125 ALGB
  • The 4th stage — 125 ALGB

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