/ Fish some $WISH campaign

Fish some $WISH campaign


The campaign is aimed to reward our active community members for their input in spreading the word about the MyWish platform and increasing awareness about MyWish as a smart contract generator. The participants of the program will have a chance to earn $50 each week for posting MyWish platform-related content. This is also a great chance to spread MyWish referral program promo codes and earn additional 10% of each contract deployed using it. Get your socials ready and join the campaign!

Find the detailed rules described below.

⏱️ Duration:

🗓️Start: June 1

🗓️End: June 30

💰Distribution: weekly

MyWish.io team will distribute $100 in $WISH to the 2 most active community members (each gets $50).

The two community members will be selected based on their activity level and the input they bring. To make the selection clear and fair, all the posts and activities have to be registered by posting the link to their content to MyWish Discord channel. The points allocated by the following criteria:


 Share — 0,5 point 

Share refers to retweets and other types of sharing of MyWish original content on Social Media. (in case of the retweets, you will need to add your Twitter tag and the link to the post to MyWish discord channel)


 Twitter post — 1 point 

The Twitter post implies the post of your original native content. Please, mind that the post has to be industry/MyWish related and include the @mywishplatform tag. The link to MyWish.io will bring you an extra 0,5 point


 Video — 4 points 

The video can be posted on Youtube or/and shared on Twitter. The link to MyWish.io is compulsory to add. The link to MyWish Twitter will bring you extra 0,5 points

If you post a video on YouTube and then make a Twitter post attaching it, the video will be accessed as 4 points once and the Twitter post will be assessed and 1 point (according to the Twitter post criteria)


 Meme -1 point 

Please, mind that the Meme has to be industry/MyWish related and include the @mywishplatform tag. The link to MyWish.io will bring you an extra 0,5 point


 Blog — 3 points 

The blog posts refer to articles posted on Medium, Reddit, and other sources. The post has to be industry/MyWish related and contain MyWish.io link. Other links to our Social Media accounts will bring you extra 0,5 points


 How to register your posts/content: 

  1. Join MyWish discord server: https://discord.gg/yPYttrCY
  2. Go to the #fish-some-wish-contest channel (https://discord.gg/XY7mxkmv)
  3. Post the link to your content (add the link to your twitter account in case of retweets)

MyWish Discord — https://discord.gg/yPYttrCY

MyWish Twitter — https://twitter.com/mywishplatform

MyWish Web — https://mywish.io

Get your socials ready and take a chance to earn some $WISH!

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