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Introduction to MyWish.io

Having set a goal to become the Leading Smart Contract Generator, MyWish platform strives to provide its users with the most convenient, efficient, and easy-to-use tooling infrastructure for any blockchain of their choice. We are willing to provide our users with the maximum flexibility for their choice.

From the long history of market presence, MyWish platform managed to outline the best platform and industry practices to be brought to the platform. Apart from the experience and proficiency, MyWish platform is also constantly following the ever-changing market needs and demand. This way, the team of blockchain experts and enthusiasts managed to create a tooling service that provides an easy-to-use smart contract generation. It allows anyone to create smart contracts with no coding for a few of minutes. The portfolio of smart contracts templates can satisfy any user’s needs for both personal and business use. Any crypto asset management tool can be found among the wide range of MyWish.io contracts at contracts.mywish.io

The team does not stop on the developed contracts only, but also updates and facilitates the existing contracts to services. One of such updates is the new Airdrop multisender Service (airdrop.mywish.io). The team managed to increase the efficiency of the service as well as make it more convenient with the bigger amount of addresses fitting a single transaction, speed, and editing features. The team proves their dedication to their major mission of making difficult things easy and efficient.

Apart from solutions variability, the platform has started integrating new blockchains and developed cross-chain solutions to increase the flexibility for their users allowing to choose any desired network to launch their project as well as distribute and manage their crypto assets. Being blockchain agnostic, the platform has also developed a cross-chain solutions that solves the problem of blockchains interoperability and connectivity allowing users to have their project’s tokens circulating on several blockchains at the same time. Find more info about MyWish cross-chain solution at the link https://cryptomywish.medium.com/mywish-cross-chain-bridge-c3de06e7865c

This way the platform is developing not only towards solutions variability but also towards the expenditure of the integrated blockchains to provide their users with the biggest extent of flexibility in their choices.

Starting from June 2021, MyWish platform has set a new course for the platform development, focusing on the introduction of wider variability of blockchains for automated smart contract creation on the platform. As a part of this new direction, they have already integrated the XDC network on June 15th and HECO Chain on June 22th. Discover what are the next blockchains to be integrated and what future is awaiting MyWish in our weekly reports.

XinFin XDC network integration

Being the most popular contract on MyWish.io, the token creation contract was the first to go within the integration of XDC to MyWish platform. Allowing anyone to create and issue an XRC20 token to the XDC Network with no coding, the MyWish platform entered the XinFin ecosystem as a new tooling sector resident.

The new blockchain integration is a big step forward for MyWish development as a multi-chain platform. This way, a gate to the new speedily growing network was opened for MyWish users.

Let’s look closer at what the new opportunities such integration is bringing to MyWish users. To define those, it is worth giving a brief introduction to what XinFin XDC Network represents.

XinFin, being a third-generation blockchain has solved such problems as scalability, high transaction costs, transaction confirmation time, energy consumption while keeping decentralization and bringing its users to a new era of energy efficiency. Despite the unquestionable popularity of Ethereum, more and more projects are now moving towards more efficient networks with higher scalability and lower costs. Therefore, XinFin, being a third-generation blockchain provides a perfect environment for projects to develop and expand.

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Having looked deeper into the XDC network, we managed to outline the following outstanding features of why to choose the XDC network for token creation.

Why XDC:

Interoperable Blockchain Network for Global Trade Finance

  • Decentralization
  • High speed
  • Energy efficiency
  • Third-generation blockchain

The integration of the XDC network opens various opportunities for the further expenditure of MyWish as a tooling infrastructure service provider on the network.

Having received massive support from the XDC community,the two entities have gathered for a joint campaign. Everyone willing to create a token in the XDC network got a chance to get a chance to deploy a token with no coding for FREE. The campaign has proved the growing interest in XinFin among the crypto community, opening new opportunities for MyWish to expand the variability of ready-to-use contracts.

This way, MyWish has a chance not only to be one of the first token generation platforms in the XDC ecosystem but also to gain trust, support, and a bigger audience.

Create your XDC token now at https://contracts.mywish.io/create?blockchain=XINFIN

HECO Chain integration

HECO Chain is one of the most fast expanding and growing networks in today’s crypto arena. The network is steadily gaining popularity globally due to its efficiency, ecological concern, security, low costs, and convenience for all the stakeholders: from developers to users. The integration of the HECO Chain to MyWish platform allows making the entrance to the HECO Chain for users and projects more convenient and easy due to the automated contract creation developments on MyWish. The first contract launched on the HECO Chain as a first step of the integration is token creation. With the outstanding technological advances of MyWish platform, anyone is enabled to launch a token to the network for just a few minutes, with no coding. Thinking of the user experience, MyWish team has also integrated the testnet version of token contract creation, where anyone can come and check how the platform works and test the token creation for free.

Let’s look deeper into the HECO Chain. Along with the expenditure of HECO Chain, the number of new users and projects joining its ecosystem is growing speedily. HECO Chain is focused on the discovery and support of new innovative projects. The network is committed to becoming a motherland of innovative technologies and business. To reach the mentioned above milestones, the HECO chain is supporting all the new coming projects as well as building a complete ecological loop of technology development, promotion, and trading. All the mentioned above is just a little bit of the network attractiveness for the new projects. This way, cooperation with MyWish will facilitate the entrance of projects to the HECO Chain as well as tokenization of the businesses willing to discover all the greatness of blockchain and the network.

Having completed the integration of the token contract, MyWish opened a huge room for potential development in the HECO Chain network. The variability of the other possible automated contracts creation is wide.HECO token contract is now available at https://contracts.mywish.io/create?blockchain=HECOCHAIN

MyWish team has managed not only to retain the status of the multichain platform but also to expand blockchain variability that made the platform universal and accessible for any blockchain enthusiasts.

MyWish Cross-Chain Solutions

Being blockchain agnostic, the MyWish team believes that projects should have access to different blockchain resources and capabilities. The restriction within a single blockchain lock various opportunities for both: projects and users. That is why MyWish developers put effort into solving the issue of blockchain interoperability and came up with a cross-chain solution. It provides a bigger variety of possible operations by increasing connectivity with other blockchains. A Cross-Chain Bridge basically opens a door to other blockchains offering possible new audiences, investment opportunities, and competitive transaction costs. These are just a few examples of bridge use, in fact, it provides limitless opportunities for both business and personal crypto assets development. The platform has successfully completed the development of a cross-chain swap that was firstly tested on their own native token- WISH. Having received positive feedback and outstanding results, the team managed to improve the bridge architecture and develop a more decentralized solution which became popular among other projects. For a month there have been over 7 bridges built for different tokens.

MyWish states that the bridges can be built to any integrated blockchain, and by demand, other blockchains can be considered. All a client needs to do is to fill in the form for the devs’ review. The team has also posted explanatory writing about all the beneficial bits of cross-chain connections establishments. You can find it at the link:

The course is set, what’s next

Having set the goal to increase the variability of blockchains integrating, MyWish did not stop on the HECO Chain and XinFin. The next blockchain integrated in July is Neo N3. The integration of testnet is complete and we are now looking forward for the mainnet launch. The first contract to be launched is token creation, which will allow users to issue a token to Neo N3 with no coding. The platform has proved its proficiency and gained trust not only from its users but also from such big market players as Binance.

Having set strong communication with the integrated blockchains, the new connections and integrations will be established as a part of a new direction. The platform is constantly looking for new blockchains that are willing to join the MyWish expenditure path, offering an easy-to-use efficient contract generation that may become available to any blockchain by request.

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