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MyWish slogan contest


Dear community,

MyWish.io team is welcoming you to take part in MyWish new slogan creation! Our old one was: “Making Contracts. Really Smart. For Life”, and we think this is the time to upgrade it. We know how creative and involved our community is and we highly value your input. MyWish.io team is sure that you will bring the best ideas for us.

To enter the contest:

1⃣Follow our Twitter https://twitter.com/mywishplatform

2⃣Join our Telegram group: https://t.me/MyWish_platform

3⃣Create a slogan and post it on Twitter with two tags: @mywishplatform and #MyWishSlogan

The terms:

The contest will have 2 winners.

🥇The first winning slogan chosen by the team will get $50 in $WISH!

🥈The second winner will also win $50 in $WISH but will be chosen by the community by the poll results in our Telegram chat.

There is no limit to the number of slogans submitted by the same person, all of them will be reviewed.

The slogans must be unique. Please, do not copy from others.

Contest duration and process:

The contest is open for 2 weeks:

⏱️Start on April, 26

⏱️End on May,7

📢The results announcement on May, 14

📋The contest process arrangement:

From April, 26 till May, 7 slogan posts on Twitter can be submitted (please, do not forget to include these tags: @mywishplatform, #MyWishSlogan)

From 07.05 the community will have a chance to choose 1 slogan out of 10 picked by the team. Voting will be held in our Telegram community group.

On 14.05 the team will announce the winners!

Criteria for the slogans:

1. It must be catchy

2. It must be related to MyWish (as a smart contract generator). The preferable slogan message is that our platform makes difficult things simple and easy. Or you can think outside of the box and bring your own ideas as well

3. Not longer than 90 characters/ not more than 12 words

4. You can post as many slogans as you want, all of them will be considered by the team

5. THE SLOGAN MUST BE UNIQUE. Please, do not copy from other platforms (this issue will be checked)

6. No foul language is tolerated.




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