/ RBC Airdrop for WISH Holders ver. 2.0

RBC Airdrop for WISH Holders ver. 2.0


Hello, MyWish community!

There are 30% more of you in the last month, which means it’s time to refresh the guidelines for you. This is an update of the instructions on how to get RBC tokens if you are a WISH, WWISH, or BWISH tokens holder.


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Previous versions can be found here:

RBC Airdrop for WISH Holders

How to participate in RBC token Airdrop for WISH holders

First, let’s recap the purpose and plans for this Airdrop. This is a reward for our loyal MyWish platform token holders. Thank you for staying faithful to the MyWish.io project.


Instructions on how to get bonus RBC tokens for MyWish holders in 2021:

1. All MyWish holders with a balance above 1000 WISH, 1000 WWISH, and 1000 BWISH tokens will be eligible for the airdrop of RBC. This means there must be at least 1,000 tokens on each blockchain: Binance Chain, or Binance Smart Chain, or Ethereum. The number of tokens on different networks does not sum up.
2. The number of RBC tokens depends directly on your balance on the snapshots.

The snapshot date of your MyWish holdings will be done on:
⁃ 15 Dec 2020 (done)
⁃ 15 Feb 2021
⁃ 15 May 2021
⁃ 15 Aug 2021
3. Since RBC is vested with intervals of 3 months you will receive 1 RBC for every 4 WISH on the following Rubic (RBC) airdrop dates:
⁃ 22 Dec 2020 (almost done)
⁃ 22 Feb 2021
⁃ 22 May 2021
⁃ 22 Aug 2021

For example, you hold 10.000 MyWish at the snapshot date of Feb 15th and then 20.000 WISH on 15th May. You will receive 2500 RBC after 22 Feb and 5000 RBC after 22 May.


Step-by-step instructions on how to get RBC

!! It is important to note that Rubic tokens are based on Ethereum. This means we will need your ETH — addresses where to send the tokens if your hold WISH on Binance Chain !!


If you WISH BEP-2 holder

1.) After each snapshot users have to send 0.01 BNB to the Specified address in Binance Chain

Go to your BNB address, where your balance on the snapshot date was more than 1000 WISH
Include your personal Ethereum address for getting RBC to Memo (field to be filled in for the recipient)
Click and set up 0.01 BNB transaction to the specified BNB address

2.) provide YOUR ETH address to receive RBC tokens.

3.) RBC tokens will be distributed after the transaction is received at the specified address in the period until the next snapshot. We would appreciate it if you could send us your addresses asap.*
*Users need to request the RBC airdrop every time after the snapshot until the next.


If you WWISH Wrapped ERC-20 holder

The good news for you is that Rubic tokens are as Ethereum-based as WWish tokens, which means that at the time of the snapshot we will see which address the tokens are located at. Then we will automatically calculate and distribute RBC tokens to WWish holding addresses.

To summarize:

1.) Be a holder of more than 1000 WWISH at the time of each snapshot.
2.) Receive RBC tokens on specified dates.


If you BWISH Wrapped BEP-20 holder

Because the private keys and secret phrases from ETH wallets are valid for wallets supporting Binance Smart Chain, this means that we will also see which wallet has BWISH tokens stored on it. The calculated RBC tokens will be sent to the linked ETH addresses.

To summarize:

1.) Be a holder of more than 1000 BWISH at the time of each snapshot.
2.) Receive RBC tokens on specified dates.

❗️WISH ERC-20 tokens from 2017 are not valid since 2019. This means that they are not connected to the MyWish project and can’t be used for Airdrop claims.

Thank you to our community, for your love and support. With your help, we are building MyWish together and moving to the top!

If you have any questions, please contact us by telegram Contact @MyWish_platform or email [email protected]


Additional instructions

How to add Rubic (RBC) to Metamask

- Press Add token button


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- Choose custom token


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- Enter RBC address 0xa4eed63db85311e22df4473f87ccfc3dadcfa3e3

- Press NEXT button

- Press Add tokens button


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How to add Binance network in Metamask

- Open settings


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- Find networks tab and press add network


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- Network Name

Binance mainnet



- Chain id


- Symbol (optional)


- Block Explorer URL


Video tutorial https://youtu.be/i-jnewf4jao

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