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SWAPS.NETWORK Product Philosophy


We present our clients with a new service for OTC crypto trading.

There are different crypto sites where all kinds of over-the-counter deals appear every day-trade and you have to select and search for those that have at least some large volume, potential, volatility or just interesting conditions. The information field is large and grabbing worth things from it does not always work.

That is why the creators of the MyWish smart contract platform have developed and launched a new service SWAPS.NETWORK. It includes all OTC deals and decentralized p2p service in one place.


The goal of the company was to create a single market space, where each participant can find and choose a deal with favorable conditions.

Bonus for the first users — SWAPS.NETWORK services will cost exactly $ 0, a subscription to the free use of service features will last until September 2019.

Next, the commission for the transactions and individual brokerage fee will be added.

SWAPS.NETWORK Service is a ready work product and you can use it now. Today it is available for tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain. Later, the next blockchains such as NEO, TRON, EOS, Waves and even Bitcoin, will be implemented into service solution. Another advantage of SWAPS.NETWORK is the innovation development of cross chain solutions, which do not exist at the moment on the market.

Other advantages are the following features of our service:

  • Fully decentralized smart contracts solution
    The service works with the help of a proven smart contract, which guarantees the security of transactions.
  • No volume limits
    No longer need to adjust to exchange restrictions, a limit is available for any amount.
  • Ability to get funds back anytime 
    Until the transaction is confirmed by the second party, you can change your mind and return your assets without loss.
  • Any trading pair supported 
    No longer need to adapt to popular trading pairs, choose what you need.
  • Swap not-listed tokens
    A token is not listed yet on an exchange, no problem. You can swap any even unlisted tokens.
  • Private or public swaps
    There is always a choice to make your OTC deal public and private, depending on the goals.
  • Multiple participants at 1 swap
    Ability to connect up to 10 participants on the same side of one deal without difficulties.
  • No Sign — Ups
    No registrations and KYC are required to complete transactions through the service.
  • Intuitive design
    An experienced team takes care of the usability of the service and makes the user interface better and clearer for perception.


In addition to the intuitive design of the service, a large selection of custom deals parameters is presented, to exchange any tokens without much effort and not overpaying.

It is worth noting that the traditional method of conducting the deal process now takes not only a lot of time but incurs additional costs for the services of an escrow, a broker and other third parties. The new service — SWAPS.NETWORK makes the process easier and faster.

We plan marketing expansion as global OTC liquidity provider for all exchanges, brokers, trader, miners, wallets and etc. Besides, BW Exchange has already agreed to work with SWAPS.NETWORK to integrate OTC solutions which gives more privileges to its customers. Negotiations are also underway with other exchanges and bidders.

Eric Su — the owner of the most trusted OTC telegram channel — The OTC Room says about SWAPS.NETWORK:

“At The OTC Room, as much as $2m of deals for rare digital assets go through us each month. SWAPS.NETWORK cuts down on the friction, scams and a waste of time while being a step forward to the decentralization of the space. If you want a safer and faster way to do OTC, help me support SWAPS.NETWORK.”

Other crypto experts suggest that the emergence of a fully decentralized service will help market players to crypto exchanges and brokers to increase the number of customers in the OTC market.

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