Development of the OTC Global Liquidity Pool is 100% completed, the service is available now here: https://swaps.network/trades

SWAPS.NETWORK streamlined OTC deals process:

Previously, you had to write in chats WTB (want to buy) and WTS (want to sell), now it’s enough just to upload your deal and follow it online. We have developed the Liquidity Pool — a dedicated platform that allows users to register all OTC deals and track their movement.



How it works


All OTC offers from exchanges and open sources are accumulated on SWAPS.NETWORK.

In turn, exchanges and brokers can use SWAPS.NETWORK pool for matching their trade orders. In the service interface, you will be able to see the full OTC Order Book and sort the deals by the selected parameters: token, volume or dates etc.


How to start


  1. Follow the link https://swaps.network/trades
  2. Click “Create SWAP”
  • Choose tokens for exchange


  • Customize extra and advanced options
  • Set Brokerage Fee if necessary
  • Check details and publish the deal


3. And Your Deal in the OTC Order book is visible to you and other users.
The link to the deal is automatically generated and you can quickly forward it to the other party.



In addition to functionality, our main features:


  • Any trading pairs supported
  • No volume limits
  • Unlisted tokens for swap

Security of deals is guaranteed by smart contracts using MyWish Platform engine. For every private swap, conditions are fixed in the smart contract.

Welcome to the world of online OTC deals on SWAPS.NETWORK OTC Global Liquidity Pool.

At this stage, we do not stop and begin integrations with BW Exchange, COSS Platform and Enecuum Blockchain. They will increase platform liquidity by using our services as an OTC provider.

If you like the idea of the project, we suggest supporting SWAPS.NETWORK and participate in SWAP Global Tokensale.




IEO on Bitforex. Round 2. 
8 days left.

Trading pair: SWAP/USDT

Price: 1 SWAP = 0.043$

Take part and grab your bonuses here https://event.bitforex.com/en/SWAP.html

Feel free to ask any questions via email: [email protected]

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