Important news for SWAPS.NETWORK IEO participants and supporters.

SWAPS.NETWORK IEO on COSS is extended until September 4, 2019, at 20:00 GMT+8 (Wednesday)

For the following reasons. We get positive feedback from people to whom we and the COSS community tell about our project. However, this is not enough, we need as many people as possible to learn about the benefits of SWAPS.NETWORK. So we are taking extra marketing steps to reach out more from the crypto community:

  • Interaction with the Vietnamese and Philippine communities has been launched, we are delighted to have new members joining us.
  • Connecting new social networks, working with advertisement posts on them.
  • Launching a promo campaign for WISH holders, we do not forget the ones we have had with us since the beginning.

All these and other additional actions take longer than we expected to get the desired result.

People need to learn in detail and get involved in the SWAPS.NETWORK project in order to invest.

Despite the fact that investments are difficult, we see that the discussion of the project has intensified in recent days. That’s why we are sure we can reach the software cap and even more. In confirming this only in the last night we received an investment of more than $5 000, this gives us confidence that we need to continue our IEO.

The date of listing will be postponed accordingly, trading will start after the IEO end and the date will be announced by Monday. We are sorry about changing dates, we think it is reasonable for the SWAPS.NETWORK project to succeed.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions by email [email protected] or Telegram chat https://t.me/SWAPS_NETWORK

Thank you for your faith and support!

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