SWAPS.NETWORK and DAPS entered into a partnership agreement to collaborate. Cooperation will be in using SWAPS.NETWORK solutions to transition from the ERC-20 token of DAPS to their own blockchain.

DAPS approached an important point on their roadmap. An audit is being done and the mainnet is preparing for launch. As part of this event, the DAPS token will migrate to its own blockchain, which proves the maturity of the project. To do this transparently and reliably SWAPS.NETWORK was chosen to assist with this process.

Due to the growing demand for OTC trading, many similar services have appeared on the crypto market. DAPS opted for SWAPS because we provide a fully decentralized solution and absolute transparency, which is important for trust.

In addition, SWAPS.NETWORK has a strong development team with a successful background and introduced a product ready for use that meets the needs of the DAPS blockchain for the transition.

DAPS (Decentralized Anonymous Payment System) is a project that has more privacy features than most other privacy coins. In addition, the project aims to solve the problem of trust in a completely anonymous system with a completely new protocol called  PoA (Proof of Audit).

DAPS is the first coin to successfully implement a hybrid fully anonymous blockchain with the possibility of Staking and Masternodes (PoW — PoS — PoA), which fully supports RingCT and Bulletproofs.

DAPS Coin (DAPS) is a decentralized, anonymous payment system and has nothing to do with Dapps which are decentralized applications. With the anonymity of the cryptocurrency, Daps is focused on security and scalability.

DAPS planned to implement off-chain atomic swaps and chose SWAPS.NETWORK to achieve this goal. Starting this week, SWAPS.NETWORK team begins to integrate its solutions into the DAPS blockchain.

About SWAPS.NETWORK: https://swaps.network/
About DAPS: https://officialdapscoin.com/

By agreement, in the future, both projects plan to add interaction functionality between the DAPS blockchain and other blockchains on the platform such as Binance Chain, NEO, EOS and TRON. In addition, there will be the possibility of an OTC exchange with another blockchain for all tokens issued on SWAPS.NETWORK through the MyWish platform.

We believe that DAPS Coin will have a great impact on the development of the blockchain industry in general and will change our present and future. We are glad to collaborate and are happy to participate in the anonymous revolution.

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