Today, we are very delighted to announce that BitForex will be joining our growing list of fruitful partnerships.

SWAPS.NETWORK and BitForex Exchange agreed on cooperation in the field of OTC deals.

SWAPS.NETWORK is an OTC service provider for exchanges, users, brokers and traders.

The main advantage of the service is the ability to accumulate all OTC deals on the market and connect sellers and buyers using MyWish smart contract technology. It is relevant for BitForex because we help them do their own OTC service better.

Further, we have completed SWAPS.NETWORK (SWAP) IEO on the BitForex exchange and we are awaiting listing no later than the 3rd of September.

Bitforex is a well-known global exchange Ranked Top 10 in the world. BitForex has already earned the trust of users in more than 86 countries around the globe with new users joining every day.

Get acquainted with all the options of the BitForex exchange here: https://www.bitforex.com

SWAPS.NETWORK partners with BitForex to reflect a belief in the revolutionary scope of the project and confidence that our project can serve as an important part of the infrastructure in the blockchain.

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