/ Status report 05/26

Status report 05/26


Hello everyone!

Here is our May status report. Despite the COVID-19 Mywish team continues working remotely.




Our next goal is to provide not only smart contracts generation service but also services for listing on DEXs, easy trading and funds management.

Create Token on MyWish -> List automatically on DEX -> Trade on SWAPS.NETWORK (by using integration with Uniswap) -> Manage the token in MyWish wallet

1. We are adding the option “Make token tradeable on Uniswap” to our service.

Token liquidity can be also managed on MyWish.



2. SWAPS.NETWORK will provide an instant swap option by using integration with DEXs. Now users can choose between Limit order, p2p swap and Instant swap. Everything will be decentralized.



3. We continue our expansion to the Latin America region. Site mywish.io is fully localized (ES) now.



4. Our integration with Ducatus blockchain gave the first results. 2 contracts were created in Main net.



5. Binance Chain integration to MyWish. We believe that many of our contracts will be used by Binance users after the launch of a new chain: https://community.binance.org/topic/2792/binance-smart-chain-rialto-testnet-launch/2



We are researching this opportunity.




We continue our marketing activities under quarantine conditions, so all activities are focused on online user requests.

1. We have updated our ads, created a more accurate portrait of our target audience to attract even more people willing to create smart contracts without effort.

2. We continue to expand the functionality of the platform for regular customers, we plan to add the possibility of listing after deploying a token contract.

3. Added a new option for EOS users. When you create an EOS Token contract you get a bonus — listing on Alcor.exchange



4. Negotiations have started on integration with small exchanges and explorers on cooperation on the scheme: token creation and listing in the complex.

5. As part of the ban on traditional mass events, we are monitoring online crypto events, possibly taking part in such an online conference soon and posting a link for viewing on our social networks.

6. Thanks to the activity of our ambassadors in Latin America, more than 20 publications and republishing have been posted about MyWish Smart Contracts in the Spanish-speaking media.

7. Read the article in Spanish Cointelegraph:



8. At the moment, our representatives are preparing for an interview with the Mexican media. Follow the updates, we’ll soon announce the release.

9. The most exciting news about the launch of MyWish service in another language. We are now available in English, Japanese, Chinese and now Spanish. Which language to add next, please write to us.

10. Statistic for contracts created in the main net (since the last report):



11. Statistic for frozen tokens:





Users: 11066(+4%)

Contracts: 8286(+4%)

We would like to thank the community for ongoing support.

MyWish: https://contracts.mywish.io

CMC: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/mywish/

Binance DEX: https://www.binance.org/en/trade/WISH-2D5_BNB

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