/ The second visit to Russian developers. How NEO creates the most convenient development environment

The second visit to Russian developers. How NEO creates the most convenient development environment


NEO and MyWish managers and developers met again in 2019. What’s new from the last NEO meeting in St. Petersburg: partnerships, games, applications.

On November 11, 2019, a meetup was held with representatives of the Neo Foundation in St. Petersburg: Stephen Liu, the Neo technologist, told about the platform structure and new development tools, Denis Suslov about the 2019 ecosystem updates and how to get marketing support when launching a Neo-based project, Vladimir Tikhomirov made a presentation about the blockchain games and also the Neo SPCC team made two reports about the file system and node development in Golang.

This is the second time that Neo’s management is coming, which undoubtedly shows interest in Russian developers. It is worth noting that St. Petersburg is the only city in the Russian Federation where NEO came with a repeated visit.

The visit of NEO delegation consisted of 3 parts:

  • Visit the MyWish team’s office
  • The meetup
  • A joint visit to St. Petersburg State University to the students

In general, 50 developers interested in blockchain visited the meeting, where they learned what to expect from the evolution of NEO and how to create new projects, their economic models: what works and what doesn’t, how to effectively launch a game on NEO.

Most of the time we discussed education issues. That’s why the University Offline Course and the development of the NEO universe portal were launched.



The main conclusion is the development of blockchain is rather difficult without competent programmers. So Neo positions itself as a blockchain for developers, first of all, that’s why the platform pays special attention to this issue and has the largest network of developers all over the world.



Many years of close cooperation between Neo Global Development and MyWish platform has led to a number of successful joint projects, and during the meeting, managers discussed the possibility of using MyWish technologies for the NEO infrastructure. A lot of time was devoted to the issue of blockchain developer education. Looking forward to seeing NEO 3 to implement new ideas.

MyWish co-teaches a course about NEO at the University and Steven Lu and Denis Suslov attended one lecture and told about DAPP: development and application, how to create the most convenient development environment.



The meetup was held under the auspices of the partnership, which all participants agreed to develop and strengthen in the distant future. MyWish Smart Contract Platform is grateful to all who came and especially to our Chinese partner NEO foundation. We promise to remain true to our mission of making blockchain a safe place for everyone.

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