/ WISH Token: Binance DEX & SWAP

WISH Token: Binance DEX & SWAP


Dear Community!

Our BEP2 WISH token is created and can be tracked here: https://explorer.binance.org/asset/WISH-2D5

It will become tradeable on Binance DEX very soon here: https://www.binance.org/en/trade/

We have added support of WISH BEP2 to the platform: you can pay by WISH on the platform now. 

You can continue to use WISH ERC20 as the payment method, but it will be removed in several months.

All “frozen” WISH ERC20 will be swapped to WISH BEP2 and stored on “frozen Binance account”.

You can swap WISH ERC20 to WISH BEP2, but you CAN’T swap WISH BEP2 to WISH ERC20. The exchange rate for swap is always 1:1.

All ERC20 tokens sent to swap will be burnt.

Instruction for SWAP is below.

WISH Swap to Binance

In order to exchange ERC20 WISH tokens for WISH tokens on Binance DEX, please follow these instructions.

1. Go to MyWish platform and click on “WISH SWAP to Binance” tab. 

2. Enter your personal ETH address (make sure you have the private key) where you store WISH tokens.

3. Enter your Binance DEX account. (Create Binance DEX account)

You can link multiple ETH addresses with a Binance DEX account.

4. Send your WISH tokens to the Contract

After you have linked your ETH address and the Binance DEX account, now you need to send ERC20 WISH tokens to the specified contract.

This address shall be: 0x346a8e2a7Fe29e32B9174c408A84ef1c7ED7408F 
Please check it carefully.

There is only one function available — burn. You can easily test it: https://etherscan.io/address/0x346a8e2a7fe29e32b9174c408a84ef1c7ed7408f#writeContract

Tokens sent to this Contract will be burned, and instead of them, you will receive WISH BEP2 tokens.

Tokens will be sent to your Binance DEX account within 48 hours.

Please contact [email protected] in case of any questions.

Thank you for the support, if you have any questions please contact us in Telegram, Facebook or by [email protected]


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