/ Weekly report 07/22

Weekly report 07/22




1. WAVES STO Contract development has finally completed! 
Now everyone can create own token on WAVES blockchain and start Token Sale. 
The template is called Security Token Offerings (STO) has the following basic parameters:

  • start and end date
  • whitelist — pre-registration form for participation
  • soft cap and hard cap
  • opportunity to change start/end dates
  • investment restrictions


  • If a user creates EOS contracts we freeze 15% in EOSISH
  • If a user creates TRON contract we freeze 10% in WISH and 10% in TRONISH




  1. Google Ads performing well during the last 2 weeks. The most part of new clients come from the Google search.
  2. Coinmarketcap has updated the information for WISH token. Total supply and Circulation supply is based on Binance Chain explorer now.


Weekly statistics


Users: 8571(+3%)

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