/ Weekly report 06/18

Weekly report 06/18


Hello everyone! Here is our weekly report.


We were recognized by The Merkle as project “that stand out as ones which meet their deadlines”: https://nulltx.com/four-cryptocurrency-projects-that-hit-deadlines/ MyWish will continue to meet the deadlines.

1. We are proud to announce that the NEO Crowdsale contract is ready. We have implemented many functions that make the Crowdsale process convenient for projects & investors:

The Crowdsale contract is compatible with the NEP-5 standard token, and has the following functions:

  • Purchase of tokens by using the function mintTokens.
  • Limited time for ICO.
  • A limited maximum number of tokens that can be sold (hard cap).
  • The ability to transfer ownership of the contract to another address.
  • Only the owner is authorized to withdraw money from the contract.
  • The possibility to add tokens to several addresses before ICO starts.
  • Notifications of any errors before returning imprecise.
  • Extension of NEP5 with allowance, approve, transferFrom functions.


We have also made a template for a separate contract token that is compatible with NEP-5:

  • Extension of NEP5 with allowance, approve, transferFrom functions
  • Issuing tokens by the mint function.
  • Transfer of ownership of the contract.
MyWishPlatform/neo-ico-contracts neo-ico-contracts - Neo ICO Crowdsale and Token Contracts github.com

2. We have rolled-out the ability to change the dates of Crowdsale contracts after they have been deployed. This feature was requested by many projects that have or intend to use the MyWish platform.

3. Chinese localization is almost done, and is planned to be released by the end of the week. Our team has predicted that more people from China will begin utilizing our platform once this is fully deployed.

4. Whitelist adding to the Crowdsale contract is projected to be released on the 29th of June.

5. We are excited to announce the date for the Airdrop contract release. The 6th of July is the prospective date.

6. EOS/Cardano plans for integration have been confirmed.

Take a look at the latest version here: https://contracts.mywish.io


Due to the increase in daily trading volume, our token has become increasingly more attractive for alternative exchanges. Our team is still working on future listings to KuCoin, Bitfinex, and Binance.


  • In recent times media coverage about MyWish has excelled. The following articles have been published:
  • TheMerkle: https://nulltx.com/four-cryptocurrency-projects-that-hit-deadlines/
  • Crypto Briefing: https://cryptobriefing.com/all-dogecoins-go-to-heaven-crypto-after-you-kick-it/ (the coverage is above 562,000)
  • Insider.pro: https://ru.insider.pro/analytics/2018-06-10/kak-peredat-bitkoin-po-nasledstvu/ (the coverage is above 960,000)
  • Other media channels have had a smaller coverage.
  • John McAfee mentioned our project on his Twitter.
  • We have began negotiations with Lindsay Dee Lohan’s personal relations manager. He is interested in the fascinating way of facilitating personal relations for her through crypto and smart contract topics.
  • We have tried to make contact with representatives of several blockchains. We have received responses from Cardano (ADA) and Ethereum Zero, sent them personal offers, and are now currently waiting for consultation.
  • We have announced the intermediate results of the competition in the frame of the Ambassador Program. We have chosen several candidates from different countries. Now we are developing personal offers for them.

Weekly statistics

Users: 2655 (+ 6%)

Contracts: 1026 (+ 14%)

We would like to thank the Community for the continuous support.




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