/ Weekly report 03/22

Weekly report 03/22


Hello everyone,

During this period, we have expanded our team, have released a new version and have launched an extensive advertising campaign.


Yesterday we have launched the new version (1.4.0) of our service. The following features were released:

  • We understand that many projects need own token for operational needs or for self-distribution. That’s why we have released Token contract: Create your own cryptocurrency (ERC-20) in several clicks.
  • Adding support for ERC 223 standard: users can now choose whether the token will be an ERC20 or ERC223. This feature ensures that MyWish users don’t risk losing their tokens when funds are accidentally sent to a contract’s address which doesn’t support ethereum tokens.
  • Automatisation the process of sending a letter to the user after deployment of his contract.

Please try


  • HADAX (Huobi), OpenLedger, Kybernetwork — we start communication with their representatives and hope to succeed.
  • KuCoin — negotiations are ongoing.


  • We have restarted an extensive advertising campaign on Twitter, Facebook and Google Adwords. Also, we are constantly working on website analytics, analyzing user behavior and looking for growth points.
  • We have begun working on adding new languages to MyWish crowdsale landing page.
  • We have started PR campaign: we have drawn up a plan of action that assist us in addressing the promotion the brand recognition.
  • Our marketing manager participated in the “CryptoPiter” conference on March, 16 interacting with representatives of our target audience, looking for new partners, generating new explosive ideas for marketing.
  • MyWish participated in SXSW, March 12. It was the biggest blockchain Summit, where there were industry leaders, blockchain enthusiasts, and members of mainstream media.

We received the suggestions from our users to add the following functions:

  • “min investment” for Crowdsale contract;
  • “White list”;
  • KYC (we consider the possibility of a partnership with KYC provider);
  • multicurrency.

We acknowledge and respect the views and interests of our users, that’s why we consider every suggestion.

Weekly statistic

5592 users (+9% since last update).

We would like to thank the Community for the continuous support.



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Thank you,



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