/ MyWish Company has entered into an Agreement of Intent with the Flagman football club.

MyWish Company has entered into an Agreement of Intent with the Flagman football club.


There’s a reason football is considered the world’s greatest sport. Football has led many to great things. It brings people together across nations year after year in the form of national football associations and the World Cup. Many young children dream of becoming the next Ronaldo or Messi. Most of those children, it’s safe to say, get their starts in youth football clubs.

But while players for these clubs gain from the hard work their coaches pour into them, there’s precious little insurance to protect them from the inevitable betrayal of a player to a newer, stronger team. They offer no compensation to the club, no repayment for the countless hours and funds dedicated to them.


The blockchain-based smart contract platform MyWish has recently partnered with the St. Petersburg, Russia-based youth football club “Flagman” to prevent exactly this. The proposed arrangement from MyWish suggests the creation of smart contracts modeled after player contracts. A player will only be able to leave the club for which they play after certain conditions, agreed upon before entering into the contract, have been fulfilled. If a player wishes to exit their contract early, they may choose to compensate the club that trained them. The contract conditions will be monitored and entered into smart contracts. After completion, the player may leave the club, or sign a new smart contract with improved terms.

MyWish has made waves in the blockchain space as one of the most innovative smart contract solutions due to its support of several blockchains, where most smart contract platforms are limited to one. Smart contracts have been touted as the way to find an effective, real-world use for cryptocurrency and blockchain, and are growing in popularity every day. Perhaps Flagman will be that critical step to bringing blockchain to our daily lives.


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The MyWish platform was created by innovative developers. This service provides customers with an opportunity to create smart contracts without coding. MyWish supports a multitude of well-known blockchains such as Ethereum, NEO, RSK and EOS. Now people can manage their assets in the wallet with Crypto Will, Lost key and Deferred payment contracts and also create their own cryptocurrencies. These contracts are used by technological forward-thinkers and pioneers, ultimately making their lives easier.

The company’s strategic partners include Banсor, Сoss, RSK, and Meet.one. It proves that blockchain is used in real life of people.

For more information you can contact: Tatiana Khmeleva, CMO of MyWish, te@mywish.io or visit the website.

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