/ Weekly update 01/10

Weekly update 01/10


Hello everyone!

Here is weekly update for MyWish project.

2017 was a busy year for the MyWish project. The community has strongly supported us in growing slowly. Most of the aims set for 2017 roadmap were achieved in this period. The Team was on public holidays (30-Dec — 8-Jan) and now back to work.

Dubai BlockChain

MyWish has participated in blockchain summit and communicate with many projects and individuals. Big part of the conference was dedicated to blockchain integration into government organizations.

There were a lot of projects devoted to NEO blockchain, some of them are supported directly by NEO foundation. Probably MyWish should consider NEO blockchain for smart contracts builder too. Still a lot of projects not connected to blockchain directly — binary options, self-driven cars, ecological control and so on. A lot of projects devoted to credit cards for payments by cryptocurrencies.

Here is a video about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGTj2cy6cGM

Development status

  • Updated Crowdsale contract — Bonus section will be added (for example, discount for the first week of the sale/discount for large investments and so on). This update will make our crowdsale contract much more attractive. Also, we consider price reduction for crowdsale contract thanks to increase in ETH prices . On 20th of January we plan to release this feature.
  • Joule system update — The first version of smart contract which register and be able to call others contract will be released. It will not have interface for the users, but it will be done during the next weeks.


  • After Summit in Dubai we plan to continue discussion about partnerships with Agrello foundation (we need their API for B2B smart contracts builder), TokenMarket & ICOBox (their clients can create crowdsale contracts on MyWish Platform).
  • WandX and MyWish has started partnership discussion in listing and usage of MyWish Crowdsale contract for ERC20 generation on their DEX. “WandX partners with MyWish to enable 2 minute creation of an ERC20 Token”. Expect further details soon.
  • We have identified few potential partners and signed NDA with them. We will keep the community updated on the progress
  • Two projects already agreed to use MyWish crowdsale builder for their ICO — waiting for update on 20th of January
  • German pension fund — good progress, US branch joined the discussion.
  • Smart contract for World-class fitness club agreement. Working on the first version together with club’s developers.


Thank you Cryptopia for listing $Wish tokens. Thank you community for your patience.

COSS.io — Discussing the details for listing.

Kucoin — no updates so far. Will continue following up.


We continue to strengthen the team — looking for new strong developers, but marketing is our main priority now. We understand that much more people should know about MyWish and start use our service.

So, please welcome Tatyana Khmeleva, marketing manager.

“Hi everyone! I’ve recently joined the team “MyWish”. I will be engaged in marketing and managing the community with us.

I have experience in the field of promotion of various projects from dentistry to sports training. I am very ambitious and always aim at the results. As for my plans, I will not only work with the community, but also think through interesting marketing moves such as unusual partnerships or campaigns. Hopefully, my activity will be productive and will bring “MyWish” an increase of the fame and recognition. If you have ideas and suggestions, write to me please. Remember, we are all after the same thing. And we are strong together!” Tatyana

Weekly statistic

2471 users (+34% since last update).

Thank you community for your suggestions/feedback and continuous support. We will continue to improve.



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