/ Who’s running the block? EOSPark!

Who’s running the block? EOSPark!


EOS blockchain put an end to many blockchain debates, especially regarding transaction speed and scalability. At the moment EOS is breaking transaction processing speed as it nears 3,000 transactions per 1 second. EOS made blockchain great again. People all over the world depend on it to build their crypto activities around this ecosystem.

In August 2018 MyWish Smart Contract Platform had made EOS accounts widely accessible. Middlemen were no longer needed as MyWish simplified the procedure for obtaining an EOS account. MyWish Smart Service takes only 5 minutes to complete your EOS account deployment. Then there were 3 other smart contracts released: Crowdsale, Token, and Airdrop. The main feature of MyWish Smart Contract Platform is that you don’t need to be capable of a complex coding. Instead of that, users use special smart contract templates which are 100% secure and verified.

Returning to the issue of the title, let’s talk about EOSPark. It is necessary to know that the fastest blockchain designs, which is EOS blockchain, needs a data service provider. It means that people are given an opportunity to explorer all block data as account addresses, important transaction codes in BPS, concluded contracts and so on. Furthermore, EOSPark is not only operating the most powerful EOS block explorer but also released EOSPark SEC contract security platform.

EOSPark SEC is a contract security platform aiming to build a secure reliable EOS ecosystem. Or, more precisely, EOSPark SEC encourages contract owners to do source code consistency check and security audit. The aforementioned ways are supposed to display security information of smart contracts built on EOS.

From now on EOS smart contracts developed by MyWish are listed on EOSPark. Please see the following names of the contracts which are already available — ICO Contract, Token Contract, EOS Account Contract.

We are glad to present you our collaboration with EOSPark. In this regard, we are providing EOSPark users with a special discount. The discount can be applied to the deployment of all EOS Accounts & Tokens. Go check EOSParkout to know how you can benefit from our valuable collaboration.

Thank you for your trust in our platform. We promise you to keep working on building a trustworthy community together!

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