/ Let’s make ICOpools Simple and Smart.

Let’s make ICOpools Simple and Smart.


Let’s make ICOpools Simple and Smart

MyWish team is happy with the success of our Crowdsale Smart contracts with more than 600 contracts deployed successfully. Many companies have benefitted from our Smart Contracts raising more than 15 millions.

Our Crowdsale contracts made the ICO process affoardable to small companies. Now, it’s time to launch a Smart Contract to benefit the small investors.

ICO investing is becoming increasingly difficult for very small investors.Angel Investors and Private pre-sale investors are enjoying all the added benefits of ICO’s. Small public sale investors are clearly facing the heat with minimal allocation and lack of discounts.

ICOpools are emerging as alternate option for small investors. There are several ICOpools exists in current market. Most of them are non-trustless Pools. Investors are generally aware of the high risks involved with non-trustless Pools. Mywish is eliminating these risks by introducing Smart Contracts for ICOpools.

Lets make collective investment Smarter and reliable.

Key Features of ICOpool Smart Contract:

  1. ICOpool manager cannot divert the funds. The Funds can only go towards ICOs or returned to the investors.
  2. No limit to the number of contributors, thus allowing very small investors to be part of the pool.
  3. Any Ethereum wallet is fine to execute the transaction.
  4. Tokens are automatically distributed to investors wallets based on the investment proportion and token allocation.
  5. ICOpool manager can set the commission percentage himself: starting from 0.0%. No others commissions.
  6. Guarantee of the execution even the pool’s owner is missed.

We are discussing with existing ICOpools and partners to use our smart contracts and also to add more features to the Smart Contracts.

ICOpool Smartcontract Cost : 2 ETH.


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