/ Meet the TRONISH: MyWish claims TRON

Meet the TRONISH: MyWish claims TRON


The year has just begun, but MyWish has already shown some achievements. Smart Contract Constructor Platform continues to evolve in the intended line.

After adding a new blockchain new smart contracts on the TRON blockchain were launched.

Currently, anyone can go to the platform and try to create their typical token contract now based on TRON. Speaking of new features, now games developers can create game assets and send them to the players. That is what impressed the judges in January when MyWish became one of the winners of the TRON Accelerator. Try to create your first TRON smart contract here: https://mywish.io/tron

Like advanced companies, MyWish keeps up with its users and announces a new own token TRONISH, which will be a payment tool on the platform for creating TRON smart contracts.



In the era of a large number and popularity of entertainment content, such giants as Google and YouTube act as storage and distribution platforms, which dictate their prices for mediation.

Using the blockchain and peer-to-peer networks based on equality of participants, TRON connects creators and consumers of content, excluding intermediaries. Thus, all TRON participants benefit from their prosperity.

It is impossible not to mention the speed that worries every user because they are becoming more and more, TROHISH is able to process 2,000 transactions per second.

Tens of millions of smart contracts since launch have already been created on the TRON network. It should also be referred about the growing number of DAPPs whose quantity will soon surpass the 200 mark. The latest statistics on сorroborates that TRON is superior to other projects.

Every blockchain has their pros and cons. Despite the fact that the MyWish platform supports multiple blockchains, we take the TRON earnestly and consider it one of the serious players on the cryptocurrency market.


So what is TRONISH for?

This is a token that is used specifically to pay for creating smart contracts without coding in the TRON system. The new token is based on the TRON blockchain, is formed by a simple formula: TRON + WISH = TRONISH. Users no longer need to pay for services related to TRON at other coins.

The conditions for obtaining the token free of charge remain the same, TRONISH Airdrop will be held in March 2019. You will find one on Tronscan because the token will appear there immediately after creation.The token has its own utility and is guaranteed to be traded on the exchanges, negotiations on the placement are now underway. The date of the Airdrop snapshot will be confirmed later, stay tuned to the official social networks.


Who will get the new tokens?

The main emphasis will be on currently WISH holders. Also, tokens will be received by the owners of EOSISH and TRX by doing a series of actions. The instruction will be published later. The other part will be focused on marketing activities. Another additional option to get new tokens is to take part in the bounty program. This time, the bounty manager prepared something interesting for participants. Registration details will be available on all bounty resources soon.


Expectations reality

The same arrangement was used for the EOS ecosystem. It was a successful experience, the WISH price not only did not fall but kept at a sufficient level. Also, considerable attention was paid to the project from the EOS community.

Why are we sure that the launch of another token will help the development of our project?

Looking at past achievements, we believe that such a decision has a positive effect on the project as a whole. Firstly, it will attract a completely new audience and more people will learn about us. Secondly, fulfilling our mission, we make the world of smart contracts even closer to any user.

MyWish is the first platform for creating smart contracts on ETH, NEO, BTC, and EOS without a single programming skill. Now, this feature is available in the TRON network.

Therefore, we believe that the new token will help to reach new vertices on the coordinates of the trading charts.

General information and distribution details about TRONISH token will be announced later.

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