/ 7 reasons to create a Token Protector smart contract

7 reasons to create a Token Protector smart contract


Why can’t exchanges and online wallets provide reliable cryptocurrency storage?

In this case, the private key is stored on the servers of the exchange or service. With a successful attack, hackers can gain access to servers and to thousands of user keys.

Why Token Protector is better than storing keys locally (when they are on your computer and not on a third-party server)

A computer connected to the Internet could just as well be a victim of hackers as a stock server. In addition, the key can be irretrievably lost if the hard drive fails. Besides, a computer or USB may be physically stolen.

Why is Token Protector safer than “cold” storage (on devices without a permanent Internet connection)

The safety of such storage is also not 100% guaranteed. Loss of the device or serious damage may cause the loss of the private key.



Why Token Protector is better than Multisig contract (multiple access)?

A multi-signature solves the main problem of transferring funds but does not exclude the possibility that someone may withdraw your savings before your trigger event occurs

Why is it more reliable to use a Token protector for preserving and transferring assets, rather than a lawyer?

In any case, the presence of a third party implies the access of an outsider to your savings; a smart contract guarantees security without intermediaries.

Why is it more convenient to use the blockchain service than a traditional hard copy for storing private data and digital assets?

The technology has solved urgent security problems, for unlimited amounts of information storage, it has already made it possible to transfer and store data much cheaper than it goes in traditional services.

How to protect your tokens?

Create a Token Protector contract in 5 min, rest assured for the secure and safe of your assets.

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