/ Why be the WISH holder is more profitable

Why be the WISH holder is more profitable


March 12th will be a final day of the TRONISH Airdrop as a snapshot at 3:00 pm GMT. In December 2018, the MyWish Smart Contract platform launched a significant project dedicated to the TRON blockchain. You already know the TRONISH token specially created to simplify the creation and use of smart contracts on the TRON network. It’s time for a new generation of TRON-based smart contracts, not only for gaming platforms but also for any user.




At the beginning of June 2018, TRON, following EOS, moves to its blockchain and leaves the ERC20 token standard. Focusing on the cryptocurrency market, the MyWish team is developing the possibility of creating smart contracts for the throne of the blockchain without needing programming skills. In January 2019, the MyWish smart contract project became the winner of the TRON Accelerator and is not going to stop there. In February, the Airdrop campaign of the new token TRONISH was launched.


40,000,000.00 TRONISH tokens will be distributed as a result of the Airdrop, of these, ~50% tokens will get the WISH owners with a ratio of 1 WISH : 1 TRONISH. Being a WISH holder is the most beneficial, mathematically this means the more WISH you have, the more TRONISH you get.

To receive your TRONISH tokens, you must have a real TRX wallet address. If you do not have it, then you need to create this wallet address. We need you to check the connection between two accounts — the TRX address and the ETH wallet address in which the WISH tokens are stored.

Can you get TRONISH tokens if you do not have a TRX account at the time of the Airdrop campaign?

Yes, you can definitely. After the snapshot, you will only have time until April 1 to create your TRX account and then get well-deserved TRONISH.

An important reminder: the snapshot will save the number of WISH on your wallets so that you should hold the maximum number of tokens during the snapshot, you need to transfer all WISH tokens from the exchanges to the wallet for getting more TRONISH.

Welcome the new TRONISH token to our WISH family.

Get here: https://tron.mywish.io/join_tronish_airdrop

MyWish wants you to know that we have created our platform to work on and trustworthy blockchain product. Therefore, if you have any questions or requests, please do not hesitate to contact us by telegram or email [email protected].


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