Smart-contract as a service

Smart contracts library, graphic interface, scheduled contract calling

Smart contract

Smart contract is a piece of code which defines the conditions which all parties agreed to. It is stored in blockchain and can't be changed, this way users can be sure that the outcome is correct.

With our graphic interface and decentralized contract calling system anyone can easily create a smart contract for their specific needs and be sure that it will work - no matter what

We launched a set of smart contracts bringing common money-related practices into the crypto world:

Crowdsale contract
The Crowdsale contract for the development and distribution or sale of the project’s tokens
Private key loss
Provides crypto assets transfer in case of a private key loss
Deferred payment
Set automatic funds transfer or bill payment on a specified date and amount
Transfers person’s savings to his family or friends in the event of his sudden illness or death
Kid savings account
Accumulating savings for when a child reaches maturity
Wedding agreement
Smart contract for spouses planning their future together


Will contract prototype Web application prototype
The Joule system is implemented and functions in the service
A cross-platform application for creating and managing contracts from the library. User friendly interface
Implemented 3 types of smart contracts: will, wedding contract, deferred payment. Wallet contract. Software extension of the Ethereum application, to restore lost access
Insurance contracts (flights delays/cancelation). Lost key contract integration to wallets
Commercial launch.Tokens listed on exchanges/Bancor
Crowdsale contract
WISH token integration
Crowdsale contract update (+bonus)
Joule Launch
Crowdsale contract update (+PreSale)
Token contract creation.
New types of tokens (ERC-23 and others)
Facebook/Google sign-up
RSK integration to support BTC
NEO integration
Airdrop contract
Investment pool contract
Ambassador program
Chinese and Japanese localization
EOS integration
Account creation
Token contract
Crowdsale contract
Launching EOSISH token
EOSISH tokens Airdrop
Fiat payments integration to MyWish
Integration of MyWish services to Crypto tools
TRON integration

Release of new contracts: - TRC Token contract - Game asset contract - Airdrop contract

Release of the API for MyWish's services integration
Release of TRONISH token

Release of new contracts: - Token saver (on TRON) - Token saver (on ETH)

New TRON contracts development
API integrations
Waves Blockchain integration (STO) TestNET
WISH migration to Binance blockchain
Adding Tronlink, Metamask, Scatter as login methods
Waves STO contract Main Net
New Blockchain will be integrated (Candidates: Cardano, NEM, BCH, etc.)
API extension for the wallets
2 new contracts templates will be added (candidates: bet, voting, multisig) for several blockchains
New Blockchain will be integrated (Candidates: Cardano, NEM, BCH, etc.)
Crowdsale contract
Enables to create token for project, to specify the token distribution parameters (number of tokens, price), bonus structure, sales dates etc. and deploys into Ethereum itself.
Wallet contract
Extension to the Ethereum Wallet, allowing assets transfer to the back up wallet in case of the user's inactivity during certain period of time. Out of 16 mln Bitcoins generated 4 mln have been lost forever. With MyWish losing key is no longer a problem - the crypto assets are safe while retaining the convenience of using the assets and all wallet features.
Digital Will
Will - is the transfer of person’s savings to his family or friends in the event of his sudden illness or death. The conditions of the transfer are configured by the user via the web interface.
Wedding contract
Smart Contract for a joint savings account. Makes managing finances easier by facilitating family budgeting and saving. Asset management is only possible with the consent of both parties. Different conditions can be set up, for example the assets withdraw may be restricted till the first 5 years of marriage expire. In case of the agreement termination the assets will be shared equally.
Deferred payment
Set up a payment date, specify the amount and the addressee, and the system will make the transfer on time - whether it happens in a week or in 10 years, when the cryptocurrency will cost x-times more.

MyWish advantages

  • Creating and managing smart contracts made easy - no programming skills required
  • Reducing the gas cost due to mass smart contract development
  • Decentralized smart contracts calling system ensures that everything works exactly how you have planned.
  • Your assets are secure - no need to share private keys.
In future
  • Library of smart contracts for managing savings in most common cryptocurrencies: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin
  • Withdrawal of funds through partners in fiat: for example, transfer of funds to relatives without crypto wallets under the Will contract
Reliability: Your smart contract performs, no matter what
To make sure your smart contracts will be executed no matter of what, our team created the «Joule» — decentralized contract invocation system. Smart contract is not self-contained, it cannot check if the conditions for asset transfer are met. Therefore, it requires external invocation. Blockchain users are rewarded for calling smart contracts systematically to make sure your arrangements are executed.

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