Smart contracts platform

MyWish Platform is

  • Library of smart contract templates (audited);
  • Automated Compilation & execution of the tests;
  • Automation of the deployment to TRON;
  • Convenient UI for contract's creation & management;
  • Smart contract marketplace. If you are developer, upload your smart contract here.
TRONISH is fuel for the Platform.
Only high-skilled developers can create smart contracts. But everyone needs them
Fully automated platform for smart contract creation & deployment + library of smart contract templates

You can create:

For projects

Create your own cryptocurrency for sale distribution or future crowdsale.
Airdrop contract
Distribute any tokens among many addresses (for example, after Bounty program or Crowdsale)
Game asset
Games Developers tool:
Create Game assets and distribute it to the players. API will be also available soon.
STO/Crowdsale contract
The Crowdsale contract for the development and distribution or sale of the project’s tokens

For common users

Transfers person’s savings to his family or friends in the event of his sudden illness or death.
Private key loss
Provides crypto assets transfer in case of a private key loss.
Deferred payment
Set automatic funds transfer or bill payment on a specified date and amount.
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We are professional and trustworthy team.

Working since Aug 2017
Leader in Ethereum
A big number of deployed contracts on the Ethereum: 3500 users and deployed 1888 contracts
First on Bitcoin
We are the first company to support smart contracts creation on Bitcoin (with RSK)
Develop for NEO
We are the first in creating smart contracts on NEO
NEO uses test net developed by us
Pioneers in EOS
We are the pioneers in creating smart contracts on EOS
The most strong Team

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